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Campus Celebrity: Baxter Bearcat

This past week Binghamton’s own mascot, Baxter, won the title of Mascot Madness. Playing off of March Madness, SUNY generation hosts a tournament where 44 mascots verse each other in a series of rounds. In the final winning round, Baxter defeated Ellsworth Eagle, The College of Brockport’s mascot. Baxter started his career in 1999, when Binghamton University switched from the Colonials to the Bearcat.  Whether it’s a high five or a hug, Baxter will never fail to liven up Binghamton spirit! He even has a twitter, @BaxterBearcat1, and a Facebook page and check out his hashtag on instagram #BaxterBearcat!

Name: Baxter Bearcat

Date of Birth: April 19th, 1999

Hometown: Binghamton, N.Y.; specifically Binghamton Zoo

Current location: Binghamton University Events Center 

Responsibilities: Greet fans, perform dances with the cheer team, be at all games, hand out promotions during and outside games

Where you can find him: Walking around campus on Fridays as part of the “Green Day Fridays” campaign, at BU sports games especially basketball and soccer, at open house events, parades, homecoming and Spring fling!

Traits: Energetic, loves binghamton, and dances well

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Article of Clothing: His jersey with his name on it, of course!

Traits: Energetic, loves binghamton, dances well

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Article of Clothing: His jersey with his name on it, of course!

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Caitlin is from Long Island, New York and is a sophomore. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Health and Wellness Studies at Binghamton University. Caitlin loves make-up and gets her inspiration from Allure and Glamour magazine. She loves living a healthy lifestyle and contributes her passion for health to her mother. She is excited to be apart of the Her Campus team.
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