Binghamton Life According to GIFs

At the end of high school, there was only one thing you wanted

But in the end, you and your best friends all go to Binghamton University and you walk onto campus like

And at first, you thought you'd be great at school and every night you were like


Until one day you realized

So now you couldn't care less and a year later, you're always on facebook during class and your friends are all

But they understand because every class seems to be about the same thing and the only thing anyone can think is

And every time you go to get coffee at the Jazzmans in the library, they always mess it up and you're like

And to add insult to injury, you accidentally run into your mortal enemy from your freshman dorm

Of course she has something annoying to say so you head back to your apartment with one thing on your mind

And then you decide you should go DT so you get glammed up

And finally 

But at the last minute your roommate decides to be lame

But you forget about her and go downtown and party like

But the bars close way too effing early, so before you know it, it's time for one last cigarette and a cab home

And sleep so you can do it all again tomorrow