Best Sneakers for Spring Weather

With Spring approaching, it is almost time to shed those clunky boots and jump back into lighter footwear. Whether you're big on the latest trends, a girl on a budget, or totally low maintenence, there are plenty of styles for every type of HerCampus fashionista. Here's some of our favorites:

  1. Converse/All Star/Chucks: My personal go-to shoe is the ever famous converse sneaker. Super comfortable, they come in all kinds of customizable styles (while still being completely pretty uniform). There's the classic black and white low tops, the laceless, the high tops, the knee-high tops, neon colors, and even customizable templates that allow you to switch up colors and even add pictures! With these many choices, it's a guarantee that you'll find something you like. 
  2. Neon Nikes: While Nike sneakers are typically worn specifically for athletics, their recent designs make them extremely fashionable as well. With the famous check mark on the side, their breathable kicks come in all sorts of colors from sleek black to vivid yellows, oranges, and pinks (my pair are black bodied with neon yellow laces and a hot pink check mark...and they were on sale!). These shoes tend to be a little on the expensive side, but if you are looking for a shoe that you can wear to hit the gym, class, or the mall, these are for you. 
  3. TOMS: Not sure if these are technically considered sneakers, but no other shoe makes you feel better about shopping than these. TOMS is a company that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy! They are very simple and light...perfect for spring weather! They come in tons of colors and are extremely comfortable. If you're like me, I despise blisters and can't wear shoes without socks. My TOMS were the first pair of shoes I could wear sockless and be completely comfortable throughout the day. They don't slip, don't rub my skin, and really don't even smell! 
  4. Keds: Keds are very old school...and totally adorable. If you haven't heard, Taylor Swift just came out with her own line of Keds and they are preppy and wonderful. Keds' Spring Collection has tons of happy, bright colors to go with any outfit. If you're a no-fuss kinda gal, their plain canvas kicks never go out of style. 
  5. Vans: For our slightly edgier readers, Vans are wonderful, skater-based sneakers. They are super durable and, like others, come in awesome colors and styles. They just launched a Yellow Submarine Beatles' line that has super trippy images all over them. Like Converse, you can build your own custom shoe online and choose between laced and laceless options (for those of us who are too lazy to bend down and actually tie our shoes all day!). If you're looking for something funky, the checkerboard slip-on sneakers are always a big seller. 
  6. Plimsoll Sneakers: These Urban Outfitters exclusives are simple, light, and cheap!! They come in tons of colors and range from $9.99 (on sale) to $18 regularly (...or buy two for $30...because we can never have enough sneakers!).

Happy shopping!