Best Places to Study Off Campus

Some students feel comfortable and productive studying in their apartments. However, I personally like to create a separation between having a place where I do homework and a place where I can relax and be stress-free. When I lived on campus, Bartle was just a quick walk away but now that I live off campus, I have found other great places to study. Whether you live downtown, in University Plaza or in a house right off campus, there are plenty of study spots to be found. Here are five of my favorites:

1. University Downtown Center – home of the College of Community and Public Affairs; great computer center; plenty of private study rooms  

2. University Plaza (U Club Binghamton) Clubhouse – brand new facility that has tons of study rooms and especially great spot for working on group projects

3. Starbucks – a classic study location if you are okay with some noise; located in University Plaza

4. Strange Brew – semi-new café located downtown that opened up a few semesters ago that serves delicious food as well as good study vibes

5. ITC Building – located on Murray Hill Drive just off campus; beautiful brand new building; lots of spaces and resources for students