Baxter Bearcat, Binghamton’s Super Mascot

Binghamton University has around 250 different groups to join, and with that much to do you probably could fill up your schedule for every day of the week. One of the busiest people on campus could very well be Baxter the Bearcat though. Go to a sporting event? He’s there. Go to homecoming? There, too. Go to University Fest? Oh, he’s there.

But have you ever wondered how he does it all and still stays in school? Oh, it’s no easy feat. Baxter is like our very own Superman, wielding his school spirit against his foes at night and being the best student he can possibly be by day.

Baxter is still undecided, believe it or not (so don’t worry if you are too). “I’ve been here for a while, but I keep getting distracted by the awesome classes we have to offer,” Baxter commented. “I mean, have you tried Scuba diving? That was so much fun! And Zombie Nation was my life for an entire semester. I can’t just pick one major. I want to do them all!”

So maybe that’s his secret? Just do it all? But you would imagine that would stress him out. But he says that he’s never felt stressed in his life. When he gets frazzled, he takes a walk through the nature preserve to get his mind under control.

And after a walk, it’s probably time to get back in his uniform and show off his school spirit.
 “That’s what I love most about my job. The fact that people can see just how much I love Binghamton University. The people are great, the sports are so much fun to watch, and I love everything about this campus, it’s just home for me.”

Baxter’s favorite thing about “home” though is the Greenhouse. “I just love all of the flowers, like that big smelly one from last year? That was really gross but really cool at the same time. And it’s a great alternative for the nature preserve.”

After an entire summer of relaxing though, it was time for Baxter to get his mind on straight and think about his next semester.

“I’m looking forward to the sports, obviously. Soccer is one of my favorites! But I’m also looking forward to things like Homecoming and getting to see my old friends, as well as getting to meet the Class of 2015. They seem like they’re going to be a really nice and really fun group of people to hang out with! Not one of them is like the next and that’s what I love the most about every new fall semester, getting to meet the incoming classes.”