Bachelor(ette) in Paradise: Let the Drama Unfold


The show we hate to love has finally come to an end and we can’t help but to feel so many different types of emotions. This season has had its fair share of ups, downs, backwards, forwards and pretty much any direction anything can ever go in. We as viewers could not help but to eat up every ounce of drama that was present because, as much as we say they will be, our lives will never that interesting or eventful. While watching, I did not expect so much of everything to unfold so quickly, little did I know that the drama would start months before the show even aired and continue truly throughout the entire season.

We start with Corinne and DeMario, both of whom stirred up a ton on their respective seasons. Corrine was widely disliked in the beginning, but became someone who everyone rooted for as we watched. Viewers began to realize how she was one of the only real people on the show and we all became #teamcorn. Her ability to be herself and not care what others thought of her was very admirable. Then we have DeMario who allegedly had a girlfriend while competing on Rachel’s season. While both of these people created their fare share of problems neither of them deserved to be treated the way they were on Bachelor in Paradise.

When they arrived, it was clear that there would be some “trouble in paradise” when they hit it off almost right away. After one too many drinks we fast forward to the next day when the producers are screaming to shut production down. We find out later that because of an apparent “sex scandal” they had to stop filming. Backlash in the news was spreading at the speed of light blaming both Corrinne and DeMario without speaking to either of them personally. In interviews with both parties we see how much this has affected their families and personal lives and we see the true nature of both of these people, which is that they are actual, kind human beings who make mistakes and care for their loved ones. They use this as an opportunity to teach a lesson about alcohol consumption and to always be careful, as well as to not judge people before hearing the full story.

Now getting to the less heavy drama, we have the infamous love triangle between Dean, Kristina, and D-Lo. When the sweetheart of Rachel’s season entered paradise, our hearts were as happy as they can be. Everyone could not wait to see this beautiful young man finally find the love that he truly deserved. When he arrived in paradise, he met Kristina (Nick’s season) and they instantly hit it off. We see true hope for this lovely couple as they spend time together and we begin to root for them. Just as a real relationship starts to blossom, Danielle Lombard, or D-Lo, from Nick’s season comes in and has Dean all confused. Instead of handling it in a mature way, talking to each of the women that he had feelings for, he juggles both of them and becomes the “fuck boy” that we were hoping he would never become. After some time of this, a heartbroken Kristina decides she deserves better and goes home and just when D-Lo thinks she finally gets Dean all to herself, he realized he was actually in love with Kristina, and goes home crying the next day. Both girls have since called Dean out about how the drama has continued to unfold after the show’s end and show some serious girl power in the midst of telling him off. The lesson to be learned from this situation? Don’t mess with two hearts at once, especially us women because we will always somehow win in the end. Dean, if you ever see this, know that I still have the utmost respect for you as from many sources I do know you are a good person but I hope you have learned a lesson and continue to grow from the mistakes you make just like we all should.

Until next summer “Bachelor in Paradise”, we need a bit of a break from the drama that we invest too much time in even though it is not even our lives. Now onto the new season of “The Bachelor”. But wait, who is Arie again?