Bachelor Winter Games: My Final Thoughts

*Spoiler Alert*

The Bachelor Franchise is one that we either love, hate, love to hate, or hate to love. For me, it’s little bit of it all and yet I cannot seem to stop watching. We find ourselves somewhat enchanted by the drama that unfolds each week and season as we watch these women and men try to find love.

Just when we thought we had enough drama cooking within the Bachelor Nation, we get “The Bachelor Winter Games” bomb dropped on us. In Winter Games, we welcome back fan favorites from the U.S such as former favorite Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Ashley I., my personal queen, Bibiana from Arie’s season, and the one whos redemption from his misfortunes in paradise we are all hoping to see, Dean Unglert. Along with these guys we see plenty more U.S Bachelor Nation veterans but the catch that makes us even more excited is that joining them are Bachelors and Bachelorettes from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and Japan.

In the midst of a cold Vermont winter, these hopefuls competed in various winter sports with the goal of winning a date card to give to that special someone who has caught their eye. Throughout the show, we see much laughter, tears of joy and tears of happiness. Our hearts break when Ben sends himself home because he is not quite over his ex from his season, and we cry when Yuki, the beloved Japanese contestant who speaks maybe five words of English is sent home because love isn’t in sight for her. The tears also flowed when American contestant Claire chooses German Bachelor Christian over the wonderful Canadian, Benoit. With eliminations/exits coming left and right we are left with the final five couples.

First up is Bibiana and our New Zealand coin flipping Bachelor, Jordan.  These two hit it off almost right away and seemed fun, carefree and very into into each other. When faced with their final winter sport, Ice Dancing, their connection was put to the test. Upon realizing that they were not on the same page when it came to their relationship, they went their separate ways, thankfully on good terms.

My final thoughts: I was really hoping for a happy ending for Bibiana on this one, but she is a strong independent women so I know she will be okay and who knows, maybe we will see her in Paradise.

Next we have Dean and Leslie, our one all American couple. These two formed an undeniable connection right when they stepped into the house. I was a bit hesitant when it came to this couple because though Leslie is great, but Dean’s catastrophic love triangle in Bachelor In Paradise made it hard to trust him. As I continued to watch I saw that he did truly care about her and decided to give him another chance. Their fun, silly and absolutely adorable relationship completely won me over by the end.

My final thoughts: I am happy that things seem to be working out for them. I truly wish them all the best, I’m rooting for y’all!!

Next up is Luke Pell and Swedish Bachelorette, Stassi. They ended up being kind of cute as far as we could see. They had a great emotional connection and seemed to really understand one another. When the show ended, they looked stronger than ever but when World Tells All aired we learned that was simply not the case. Luke completely ghosted Stassi after the show ended. When they sat down face to face, he was completely cold. She handled it like an absolute queen and made him aware of how awful he is and how she deserves so much more.

My Final Thoughts: I liked you Luke, how dare you! Stassy is my new fav because she portrayed what it means to be a strong, independent women. See you never, Luke Pell.

Now we get to one of my favorite couples that ever appeared appeared on any Bachelor show, Courtney and Lily. Courtney is a insanely cute bachelor from Australia and Lily is a young, bubbly bachelorette from New Zealand. These two developed a connection from the second they met and were by far the strongest and most consistent couple on the show. They took things slow, which allowed  them to truly get to know how similar they were and how good they were for each other.

My final thoughts: I could not help but smile whenever they popped up on the screen. We see now that they are happily together living in LA and I could not be more stoked for them and to see what the future has in store.

Finally, last but certainly not lease, we have Ashley I. and Kevin, the hunky Canadian. Ashley I. is known for her famous ugly cry when she never finds success in finding love. While we did see one of these cries during the first episode, everything turns around when Kevin tells her that it is her whom he has feelings for. Throughout the rest of the show we see how much they care for one another. Their steaming hot chemistry shows in the kissing competition and again in the pairs Ice Dancing competition which eventually leads them to being the winners of the first ever Bachelor Winter Games.

My Final Thoughts: I am SO happy that Ashley has finally found her perfect man.  I am 100% rooting for these guys! (also a bit jealous, because have you seen Kevin??*insert heart eye emoji*) 

Bare with me, I am almost done! I cannot leave out the beautiful engagement at the end of World Tells All. After Claire leaves heartbroken, her old flame Benoit reached out to her, and from that stems a beautiful and loving relationship post show. Benoit, clearly nervous, gets down on one knee proposing marriage and she happily accepts. The crowd could not seem more pleased, and honestly, I feel the same.

With all my feelings out there, I leave by saying that I was on the fence about this show at first but it grow on me and I cannot deny the inevitable entertainment. You know what, if they're happy, I'm happy.  Stay tuned for my review of Arie’s season of The Bachelor. Boy will it be dramatic.