Bachelor Nick Viall: Hot or Not?...Not

The bachelor this season isn’t doing so well with his bachelorette contestants. Many of the girls have gotten frustrated with him, some have even confronted him face to face, which is something we haven’t seen much of before. Vanessa Grimaldi really surprised some #BachelorNation fans when she called Nick out for his bad behavior. “Are you looking for a wife or are you looking for someone to f—k around with?” she asks in Episode 3 of this season. She’s not happy with Nick’s admittance of previously sleeping with Liz, a contestant he sent home for that reason, nor did she appreciate him getting touchy with Corrine one on one.

And Vanessa isn’t the only one questioning Nick’s antics- many contestants are reported to have been annoyed and “just not that into” Nick, according to In Touch’s reportings. “Many of the girls find Nick to be arrogant and a total diva. He’s always expressing that sex is important to him, and it comes off sleazy,” a source reveals. Ouch!

Not to mention Nick is 36, with the average age of his contestants being 26. That’s a whole decade, and while it’s not that weird to some, it’s a little strange to me- when he was old enough to drink legally, the girls were in 6th or 7th grade. However, the women don’t seem to mind it, and I’m sure some probably even like the maturity that Nick exudes. The girls have expressed concerns about season “villain” Corrine being too immature to be with a guy who’s almost 40, but she says she’s fully ready for marriage- well, you do you, girl.

Nick has also been getting a lot of low blows for being on the Bachelor or some version of it multiple times. As one of my friends said, “maybe you should stop after the 3rd time around…” Well, maybe this will be his lucky season! I guess we can only hope, because god knows #BachelorNation isn’t ready to see yet another season of Nick Viall.