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Adam Albert ’12

Name: Adam Albert

Year: Senior

Relationship Status: Single

Hobbies: TV gameshows, , making and eating good food, going out with friends

Favorite Music: Trance, House, Merengue, Lil Wayne, Drake

Fun fact: I am half Dominican and half German.

Greatest skill: I can make hiccups go away at will. My hiccups. It’s harder to make someone else’s hiccups go away.

What I look for in a girl: I like a girl who is funny and sarcastic. Intelligence is a huge turn on. A nice body never hurts either.

Favorite quote: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Favorite spot downtown: Dillinger’s

Favorite Outfit on a girl: Short shorts and a tank top. And of course, a little black dress never fails

Dream vacation spot: A Caribbean Cruise

Favorite movies: Up, Big Fish, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter [all of them]

Favorite Drink: Amaretto Sour

Fashion trend I hate: I can’t stand it when chicks tie their hair into an unnecessarily complicated pretzel. Simple is often better.

Best part of the summer: Watching the sunrise in the Dominican Republic.

Goals for this school year: Go out with a bang!

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