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The 7 Things Every Binghamton Girl Needs in Her Bag

As a Binghamton University student, it is important to be prepared with every day college student essentials as well as some Binghamton specific ones! Let’s face it, the start of Spring semester at Binghamton is freezing, dreary, and can leave even the most upbeat collegiettes feeling stressed and under the weather. To stay focused and feeling great, remember to pack these items in your tote everyday before heading out to class!

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to avoid chapped lips is to keep hydrated. Drinking lots of fluids helps keep the flu away and water helps maintain beautiful, clear skin. Dehydration may also cause headaches, so keep a bottle in your bag to stay healthy this winter. If plain water bores you, add some lemon with a splash of seltzer for a bit of flavor.

Is the cold, dry Binghamton air making your lips dry and cracked? Keep a lip balm handy to prevent painful chapped lips. You can even get them in packs of 3 so you can share with your friends or keep one handy in your room, bag, and car. If you want a hint of color,  Korres makes them in a variety of shades.

The Binghamton winter is cruel to your hands. Keep them warm by keeping a pair of gloves in your bag so you can protect your hands from looking like your brother’s!

Keep those hands moisturized. No one wants cracked bleeding hands, they hurt and they’re unsightly.

It is almost impossible to prevent the flu when lecture halls are filled with all those selfish people who don’t mind spreading their germs by coming to class and coughing/sneezing on everyone else. Take control of your own health by carrying around a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

Everyone hates those awkward breaks between classes, or  when you have a bunch of classes in a row and find your stomach growling for around 4 hours. Keep your stomach from going into starvation mode (a.k.a. possible future binge mode!) with a filling snack like a small bag of pretzels or a nutrition bar like Special K or Luna Bars.

Keep yourself organized by writing down any important memos, assignments, phone numbers, and events that you hear about around campus. You never know when an opportunity to network and participate in an event may come up.


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