6 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

6 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Wear leggings

    When it comes to all the food you’re going to consume, leggings are a must. You want to avoid having to unbutton those jeans or walk around wearing a skirt that fit when you came in but you’re now having a little trouble sitting in.

2. Choose a school related topic that you like

Since every family member at thanksgiving is going to ask you about school. Decide on something you wouldn’t mind talking about before-hand and work on steering every conversation about school towards that topic. Examples: clubs, sports, anything other than classes…

3.Take a nap beforehand

The last thing you need is your family members making fun of you when you fall asleep on the couch later on. This is partly due to the sheer amount of food you ate and partly due to how you haven’t slept in the last week.

4.Be prepared to pace yourself

Sure you want to test all the appetizers but you also don’t want to miss out on the turkey and stuffing! By only eating 10 chips with dip piled on them instead of 50 you’re more likely to have room for the main course AND dessert.

5.Work out in the morning

Step one to feel less guilty about indulging later that night is to be active in the morning. Maybe even sign up for one of the 5k’s that are held that morning.

6. Find any way to avoid the boyfriend topic