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5 Parade Day Clothing Essentials

With Parade Day approaching, what are you gonna wear??


1. Staying Warm (an essential in chilly Binghamton, NY) and School Spirited

Jansport Women’s Festival Quarter Zip, Binghamton University Bookstore, $49.98


2. Being able to open your drink (while still looking cute)

Guinness Green Mounted Bottle Opener Cap, Amazon, $23.95


3. Adding some flair to your outfit- and adding some much needed warmth

St. Patrick’s Day Keep Calm Socks, Claire’s, $8.50 (There is a Claire’s in the Oakdale Mall)


4. Adding some sparkle to your look

St. Patrick’s Day Metallic Shamrock Drop Earrings, Claire’s, $7.50


5. A Cute Tee- The local Walmart is sure to have an assortment of cute, sassy, and affordable St. Patrick’s Day themed tees

Junior’s St. Patricks Day Football Tee, Walmart, $8.88


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Jackie Eizak


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