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5 Midterm Tips I Swear By… Thank Me Later

Midterms this semester came around fast- it seriously feels like Christmas was last week. Here I’ve compiled 5 important tips to get you through these rough couple of weeks.

1.       Scope out a secret hiding place at the library.

On a day where you have a ton to study and want absolutely no distractions, I suggest ditching the first and second floors altogether. Bartle has so many little rooms, nooks, and crannies where you can find a lone desk or just sit on the floor and pound out tons of work. Do nothing but study at this secret spot that you find- no music, no Netflix, no texting. When you are at your personal spot, you should enter a mental study-zone time where you do nothing but work. This will focus your mind and allow you to efficiently get work done as fast as possible.

2.       Ditch the phone.

Put your phone down, girl. You’ll never enter a proper mental state of studying if you’re glancing at your cellular every 5 minutes. If you absolutely need to, give yourself a break every 50 minutes for a 10-minute phone break. Scientifically, this is shown to be the best method for retaining information- 50 minutes studying, 10 minutes relaxing.

3.       Listen to acoustic music.

If you absolutely must listen to music on headphones when you study, don’t listen to your favorite songs. Listen to mind boosting music. Go to the Focus mood on Spotify and you’ll find tons of brain food type playlists that will allow you to, well, focus! You don’t want to be jamming out trying to study- you want something relaxing and smooth.

4.       Study snacks.

I’ve made the mistake so many times where I go to the library on an empty stomach, and then have to leave for food, take all my stuff with me, give up my spot, and then come back and search for a spot for a while. It sucks. What I recommend is eating before you go, and taking food with you! Stop by at the salad place or cakes and eggs for a granola bar or chips. Buy some applesauce in a bag at Starbucks. Even half a subway sandwich will taste good later, although it’ll be a little soggy. Just don’t go and try to study when you’re not full. You’ll be thinking about food the whole time and eventually leave to go get some, which will be a poor use of your day.

5.       Don’t study in your room!

Your room is not a good place to get any work done. Dorms are loud, rowdy, and have all kinds of distractions. From a personal point of view, I’ve never ever gotten more work done in my dorm room than I have at the library, or even the union. Being in your room is a tease- your bed is right there, ready to wrap you up like a breakfast burrito and lull you to sleep. Your friends are around doing fun things that are not studying. Everybody in college has a different schedule, different responsibilities, and different standards. Keep your own. Don’t fall for it- get out of your room if you want to be productive.


Pranjal is part of the chapter team at Her Campus; she is a freshman studying Philosophy, Politics, and Law at Binghamton University. When not dorming at school, she resides in Albany, which is upstate to everyone who lives in New York City but not actually that upstate. When Pranjal has down time, she enjoys watching One Tree Hill and The Office. She eats a lot of ice cream. She's also very obsessed with dogs- if there is a dog, she's petting it. Her dream is to be a lawyer living the American Dream in a state with a year-round warm sunny climate. If you want to hear more- follow her twitter @pranjjjpatel !
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