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Being in a relationship is expensive. The gifts for your anniversaries and Christmas along with your dates and random excursions can really rack up a long bill. Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday, but paying for gifts and a date on a college student budget can be a struggle even without those other events. Here are some fun and free date ideas for a romantic holiday weekend in Binghamton.


Binghamton is known for its snowy weather, so why don’t you take advantage of it? Find a hill covered with the recent snowfall and use anything from trash can covers to dining hall trays to slide with your valentine. Some location recommendations are Recreation Hill, the slope by the Mountainview Living Community parking lot or High Land Park. This costs little to no money and is the cutest little adventure to make your date smile.


Listen, I know it’s cold, but taking a scenic walk with your beau is the perfect Valentine’s Day trip. Bundle up and take a stroll through the Nature Preserve or the Chenango River Walk. If you can, bring some blankets to sit on and enjoy the scenery. Make sure to hold hands for warmth!

Window Shop

Although going shopping is fun, it’s also a lot of money. One fun and loving date idea is to go to a mall or main street and window shop. Talk about the things you see that you want to buy when money is not an issue, and make plans for a future together. Some great places to do this are the Oakdale Mall, Colonie Center Mall or the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse.

Movie at Home

While it sound’s cliche, nothing beats cuddling up on the couch and watching a rom-com on Valentine’s Day. If you have a little to spend, order a small meal, or get some ingredients to bake cookies. If that’s not possible at the moment, just spending time together in this setting is a great way to keep the romance alive.


While there are some of us that are from the Southern Tier or surrounding areas, many Binghamton students are making slightly longer trips home. A Valentine’s Day date is the perfect opportunity to explore the surrounding towns. Take a trip up to Cortland, Owego, Schenectady or Syracuse and just wander around for a little. There’s nothing more romantic than going on an adventure with the one you love.

Overall, remember that it’s not the price tag on the date that matters, but the memories that are made. Even if you have little to spend, you have so much love and adoration to give. Don’t let the expensive connotations of the holiday ruin the romance. Have a wonderful holiday!

Nicolette is a Junior at Binghamton University, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Global Studies. Other than serving as Editor In Chief for Her Campus at Binghamton, she is an opinions writer for Pipe Dream student newspaper, Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Service for the Panhellenic Council, and is very active in her sorority. After graduation, Nicolette hopes to pursue a master's degree in Journalism.