3 Ways to Not Get Sick of Matzah During Passover

Not eating bread products sounds like a prison sentence to most people nowadays with all the lovely options we are provided. But, once a year, the Jewish people take 8 days to celebrate Passover and cut bread products out of their daily meals. This may sometimes seem like a doable task, but it is harder than you think. But hey, at least we have matzah! It does get boring after awhile, but here are a few ways to liven up your non-leavened dishes.

If you need an appetizer for any reason matzah nachos are the way to go.  Instead of the usual tortilla chips though, substitute in some matzah. You can literally add anything you want. Start off with some cheese (cheddar is my fave), add any vegetables of your choice, and if you’re feeling fancy mix up some delicious guacamole.

It may be simple, but drunken matzah grilled cheese can also spice up your Passover meals. All you need is matzah, any cheese your heart desires, some Manischewitz (or sweet red wine) and butter. The only difference between regular grilled cheese and this is that you dip the matzah in the wine right before it goes in the frying pan. The wine adds great flavor and goes great as your drink too, so make sure you have some leftover!

For dessert, there is always the option of matzah smores. It’s as simple as it sounds. Just have matzah, marshmallows, and chocolate ready to bake in a pan for 3 minutes. And if you want, have a glass of milk ready because it is sure to make you thirsty!