Seize the Summer: A Student's Guide to a Successful Summer

With finals approaching, it’s hard to resist dreaming of summer and all of the sleep, Netflix, and treats that come with it. The warmer weather brings warm feelings about a much needed break, but don’t let your stress level now affect your future summer. Sure, it’ll be nice to catch up on some zzz’s, but summers present the perfect opportunity for students to gain valuable experiences. HC Berry wants to help guide you on this journey. Don’t waste your summer away on the couch! Check out these ideas that promise to deliver an exciting summer.


Go on a mission trip


Whether a large-scale trip abroad or a smaller local effort, missions work is a great way to go somewhere new and give back to the community. Go with a group of friends or as an individual-you’ll be astounded at the fresh perspective that you have on life after doing so. (Photo by Chloe Hage)

Tip: Local organizations, like Campus Outreach and Young Life, offer many opportunities for students to partake in missions work.

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Get a job

As a college student, summer is the perfect time to travel-but don’t let your budget get in the way. Find a job in a new place-you’ll get to experience living on your own as well as the excitement of exploring somewhere new.

Tip: Look for jobs that provide room/board-camps are usually a good place to start! Also, dream big! Find a company that you love and look for job openings-you may be surprised at what they offer. Think of a place you’d like to be and see what you can find in the area.

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If you haven’t heard the “internships are the most important part of your college career” speech yet, then it’s coming soon. It’s true. Employers like to see experience that actually prepares you for the type of work you may be doing.

Tip: Be prepared to settle for an “unpaid” internship, but understand that the experience will pay off in the long run. Often, even the unpaid internships will offer a stipend to cover living expenses, so keep an open mind and ask questions!

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Learn something new

Maybe a commitment to an internship, job, or mission trip isn’t your cup of tea, or maybe you have a part time position or short-term trip that still leaves you with time on your hands. Pick a hobby, sport or trade and work hard to master it! Whether that’s tennis, painting, organization or aerial silks, you’ll enter the new semester with something more to bring to the table.

Tip: Grab a couple of friends and take classes. Sometimes you’ll find student specials to offset the costs or an offer on discount sites, but YouTube is full of people willing to share their own experiences, knowledge and tips.

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Stay Local

Staying in Rome for summer classes? Berry hires students to work over the summer in many departments, so look out for openings that spark your interest. The Rome Shakespeare Festival needs workers for the month of May-a short-term commitment that can put some extra change in your pocket. (Photo by Alan Storey)

Tip: Take day trips on the weekends/days off to give yourself a break. Rome is surrounded by many cities that have great things to do (Chattanooga, Atlanta, Birmingham, etc.).

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