1,341 miles away from home: How Logan Ramsey is making it work

Traveling from Colorado, Logan Ramsey, junior at Berry College, did not quite know what to expect. She was leaving four siblings behind, including a twin brother.


“I was not expecting the humidity, which made my already frizzy and curly hair get frizzy and curlier”, she said.


Logan also admitted to not having said “y’all” yet, a staple for most southerners. While Logan seems so far away from home, she actually chose Berry because the campus reminded her of Colorado. That aspect, combined with student work and the loving community, is what sealed her choice.


Logan is always around campus. As a part of the Winshape Scholarship Progam, she may live on the mountain but is mostly found hanging out in Krannert. You can see her spending time with friends, walking around with a group or in study groups. One thing that never changes about Logan; she is always surrounded by laughter.



Logan’s background as a Communication/Public Relation major, as well as her incredible personality, has granted her leadership roles in two aspects of her life; work and worship.


At the Office of Admission, Logan acts as a Level 5 Student Admission Counselor who meets with families of prospective students one-on-one, trains student workers, and is excellent at building office morale.


“I love meeting the prospective students! They are all so excited and each have a unique and beautiful story that brought them here”, she said.


Logan also holds a high honor as a capitulum leader. She mentors a group of four freshman girls for two years. They meet once a week for small group and learn how to build their identity in Christ, learn the story of God, and grow in community life. She describes it as being an incredible experience where they laugh, cry, and grow much closer.


Logan’s leadership also extends to Winshape where she will soon be participating in “StrenghsTrek” for the sophomore class that acts similar to “The Amazing Race” as it helps students understand and grow in their strengths. She will be heading to Chicago to take part in that event as one of the coaches.

At the end of the day, Logan is a part of a close-knit family. As a twin, her and her brother have been known to crave fries from Chick-fil-a at the same time- what they claim as twin telepathy. She is close to her other siblings as well-


“We go to concerts together, hang out, watch movies, and have endless inside jokes”, she said.


If you see Logan on campus, be sure to say hello because you are guaranteed to get a response and a friendly face!