Woman Crush Wednesday: Jennifer Lawrence

If you ask me who my #1 woman crush is, I automatically answer Jennifer Lawrence. She is known best for her roles in X-Men, Silver Linings Playbook (in which she won both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award), American Hustle, and, of course, The Hunger Games. Although I love her for her acting ability, I think I love her even more for her personality off the screen. Here are my reasons for choosing JLaw as this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday:


1.      She has a nice smile


2.      She can dance


3.      She loves food


But seriously, Jennifer is a big proponent of being comfortable in your body, and is spreading her positive messages to her fans.


4.      She asks the right questions


5.      She makes faces like these



and she’s pretty funny


6.      She’s pretty gorgeous

Even if she doesn’t always think so


7.      She likes to compliment her friends


8.      And she’s very concerned about their well-being