Woman Crush Wednesday: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff was the queen of Disney Channel throughout our childhood. We watched as she progressed from Lizzie McGuire to a star on the big screen, and listened to her albums religiously on our CD players. She will always maintain a place in our hearts, and this is why she’s our pick for Woman Crush Wednesday:


1.      She puts her makeup on a Saturday night


2.      She’s has a beautiful smile


3.      She’s an independent woman who don’t need no man


4.      She can rock the brunette look


5.      She makes faces like this


6.      She experiments with jewelry


7.      She recognizes that she makes mistakes


8.      She’s strong


9.      She has a positive attitude


10.  She knows how to party

11.   All she wants is a bra


12.  She had the CUTEST romance ever with best friend Gordo


13.  She and her son Luca are absolutely adorable

14.  She’s BFFs with her sister Haylie


15.  What’s the number one reason why Hilary is so amazing? She’s the only normal Disney star left!

Love you Hilary!



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