Woman Crush Wednesday: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is flawless. From her role in Harry Potter as Hermione Granger to her latest role as Ila in the upcoming blockbuster Noah, Emma Watson can do no wrong. Now 23 years old, she’s one of the few stars who has grown up in the spotlight without going crazy or raising any eyebrows. Here are some of the very many reasons why I love Emma Watson:


1.      She’s a very happy person

2.      She has great hand gestures


3.      She is good at focusing on moving objects



4.      She’s grown up quite a bit from her Harry Potter days


So much so that it appears that even she is sometimes shocked by her transformation

5.      She can beat you in a staring contest


Go on, try and beat her. I bet you can’t!


6.      She can dance


7.      She knows how to defend herself


The world needs strong, independent women as leaders! Go Ms. Watson!


8.      She’s very free with her kisses


9.      She makes faces like these

10.  She’s pretty hot – she’s modeled for Burberry!


11.  She’s the life of the party . . .


12.  . . . But getting an education is one of her priorities


Emma took a year off of acting and attended Brown University in Rhode Island. She left the school after about 18 months and then attended Worcester College, Oxford for a year as well.


13.  She has some good insights when it comes to love and friendship


We love you Emma!


Stop that thinking immediately!


You’re beautiful and magical and we love you just the way you are.

Any time. Love you!


Do you love us?





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