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It’s Like a treasure hunt

You never know what you are going to find when you go thrifting, and that’s the fun in it! No store is going to be the same and there will be different items every time you go. The thrill of finding an expensive brand or an item you have always been looking for at a thrift store is unmatched.

Save Money

Thrifting can save you so much money because thrift stores are generally much cheaper than regular stores. You can also find high quality and expensive brands in thrift stores at a fraction of the price!

Lower your carbon footprint

Large retail companies contribute to chemical pollution and landfill waste. Additionally, 1 kilogram of cotton uses 5,300 gallons of water. Buying second-hand clothes rather than from large companies can reduce these effects even if it’s on a small scale.

Not supporting unethical practices

Many clothing companies still use modern slavery, child labor, or pay workers little to nothing in bad conditions. By buying thrifted clothes you can choose not to support companies taking advantage of workers.

Encourage community Development

Lots of thrift stores donate proceeds to charity. Buying from these store can benefit your community and you can get cute clothes! Donating to thrift stores can also give back to your community by providing clothes at affordable prices.

Make Money

Consignment shops accept clothes and in exchange give you a percentage of the sale. Clean out your closet by going to a consignment shop and make some money back! Also, if you can, sell your clothes on reselling apps such as Depop, Curtsy, and Ebay.

Encourage Recycling

Donating your clothes to a thrift store prevents your clothes from being piled into a landfill. Fast fashion contributes to waste because as trends fade away, people throw out their clothes. Thrift stores allow one man’s trash to become another man’s treasure!

Online Thrifting

The world of online thrifting was something I dove deep into during quarantine. Apps like Depop and Curtsy have second-hand clothes from independent sellers. Instagram is also home to thousands of thrifting accounts as well. I have my own Instagram thrifting business (@revamped.drip) where I have sold over 200 second-hand items and creative sewn pieces using thrifted clothes!

Thrifting is a great way to get creative with fashion while simultaneously being sustainable.

Hi, I'm Bridget and I am a student of the class of 2025 at Bentley University! On campus I am on the Women's Soccer Team, member of the Women's Leadership Program, Honors program, Marketing Association, and Fashion Association as well as Bentley HerCampus. I love travelling, fashion, animals, and the beach! I am from Cape Cod, MA and plan to major in Marketing and Computer Information Systems.
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