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Why You Need to Start Doing Your Own Nails

Picture this: you look down at your nails and realize your cuticles are overgrown, you have a million hangnails, and all your fingernails are different shapes and lengths. You decide to go to the nail salon and get a fresh set of acrylics. You go for long, coffin-shaped nails with a fun design and rhinestones on your accent nail for extra pizazz. Your nail technician is super sweet, attentive, and gives you the best hand massage at the end. You’re super happy with your nails but when you go to pay, the total is $70 plus tip.

This happened to me.

Getting your nails done is super fun and relaxing, but it’s less fun when your bank account is crying afterwards. It’s exciting to take a trip to the nail salon once in a while for a special occasion or just as a treat, but going regularly racks up a big bill. I’ve recently started doing my own nails and now I can list every reason why I won’t be going back to the nail salon anytime soon.

  1. It’s EXPENSIVE!

After that pricey scenario, I started opting for shorter acrylics with no designs. However, this was still costing me $50 (plus tip, of course) every other week when I would go in for a fill. This racks up to about $120 per month, or $1440 PER YEAR. Let’s compare this to paying about $50 for gel nail polish, a nail polish lamp (like the ones they use at the salon), and nail shaping supplies like buffers, files, and cuticle clippers. Doing your own nails is undoubtedly cheaper – perfect for college students on a budget.

  1. Doing your nails is a great way to destress.

I love putting on my favorite show, setting up all my nail supplies, and hunkering down to give myself a new manicure. It’s a great way to relieve stress and temporarily forget about the other things on your mind. Finishing my DIY manicure also makes me feel really satisfied and proud of myself! You can even gather your friends to have a fun “nail night” and spend the night doing each other’s nails!

  1. At-home nail products are healthier for your nails than salon-grade supplies.

Acrylics are notorious for wrecking your nails, nevermind those motorized nail drills that eat away at your natural nails! Painting your own nails at home is much healthier for your nails than constantly getting your acrylics filled. It lets your natural nails breathe and grow out, leaving them stronger and healthier!

Doing your own nails at home is obviously a great alternative to going to the salon, but this doesn’t mean that you should boycott your local nail salons; there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a mani-pedi once in a while. Support your local nail salons by stopping by before a special occasion and remember to tip your nail-techs!

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