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Which Zodiac Signs the Friends Characters Would Most Likely Be

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

To me, Monica is the most obvious one. She’s a Virgo. She has her bouts of fun times and spontaneity when she’s a bit more relaxed and not as high strung. However, most of the time, everything from her apartment to her love life to her cooking needs to constantly be extremely organized. I feel like the only time this wasn’t true was when Richard broke up with her, and she fell into a rough depressive slump for a little while when she was getting over him.


Joey gives off traditional Aries energy. Very chaotic, confident, and impulsive. He never plans anything, is fairly unorganized, and he really just goes wherever the flow of life takes him. Aries is the youngest sign in the zodiac, which I feel is just another supporting fact for my reasoning. Think of when he decides to wrap his head in bubble wrap to see if he can feel it when Chandler or Ross punches him. Sure, brilliant idea! We all love Joey, even when he’s just a bit too much… 


Rachel is a clear-cut Leo. Leos are known to have “main character” personalities, and Rachel’s personality really couldn’t be described as anything else. Everyone wants to be her, and she knows it. She’ll buy the risky dress because she just knows she’ll be able to pull it off, no if, ands, or buts. She always gets the guys she wants, and those guys are usually the dreamy ones that everyone else wants too. Pablo is just one example. She’s a little bit full of herself, but it’s okay because everyone else is full of her too.


I feel like Phoebe’s traits relate most closely to Libras. She’s very smart but not necessarily in a textbook way. She has a very good perspective of people but also doesn’t take herself too seriously. Libras are good at identifying and dealing with other peoples’ emotions, and I feel like Phoebe definitely does that in a very understated way. Libras also tend to live wrapped up in fantasy sometimes, and we all know that at least that one is definitely true of Phoebe. Libras are also supposed to have really good aesthetics, and it might just be me, but out of the three girls’ Phoebe’s aesthetic has always been my favorite.


Our loveable Chandler is definitely a Pisces. Ruled by his emotions and kind of irrational, I think he fits this description perfectly. Although Pisces is one of the water signs, they are known to be a little more laid back than Scorpios and Cancers which I think is fairly on par with Chandler’s personality. Pisces can have a hard time opening up, and from looking at Chandler’s childhood trauma with his parents’ divorce, I think it’s possible that this trait could definitely apply to him as well. Lastly, Pisces are supposed to be empathetic and generous, and I think that Chandler definitely shows these traits with how he treats his friends.


Ross was probably the hardest one to put into a box, but I think he is a Capricorn. He is the mom of the friend group and acts like an adult when everyone else acts like children, like when he can’t get them to get ready for his event on time. I think the fact that Ross was a father for the majority of the show also plays into this. From the beginning, he felt he had to be a good role model for Ben and then, later on, Emma. Ross, like Phoebe, is very intellectual, but for him it’s in a more booksmart type of way. Capricorns also tend to be very serious, and I can definitely think of a number of cases when everyone was laughing except for Ross. The “My Sandwich!” incident is another instance when the Capricorn seriousness came out just a little too strong.

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