Where You Get Your Coffee On Campus and What It Says About You

Coffee is essential to all Bentley students. Whether you like it iced, hot, or extra-extra with 10 pumps of caramel; coffee keeps us all sane. But where you get your java on campus can actually tell quite a bit about yourself.

Dunkin Donuts:

Hey, big spender! If you get your coffee at Dunks, you know the meeting of “Treat Yo Self” or you are a true New Englander. Let’s face it, nothing says New England like a Dunks coffee. If you are a Masshole it will definitely be iced even if it is below 32 degrees out. You take value in your morning java and are willing to pay actual money for your caffeine fix. 


You are a busy bee. With no time to spare by waiting in lines or using discresh, you fill a quick cup with coffee to go and maybe throw in a little flavor with the hot chocolate machine. Coffee is a must to keep you going throughout your hectic day, so taking a pit stop at Seasons is well worth the swipe.


You are quite studious and caffeine dependent. You are either spending your time in the lib or grabbing a cup to go on your way to class. Even if the express line is not open, you are willing to wait-- but you get outraged when the coffee machine is not working or they run out of ice. Everyone in your next class will definitely be informed that you're upset, because you need your coffee! 


You are a coffee connoisseur. First off, congratulations in purchasing the most vital apparatus alluding to college success. You are your own barista 24/7. Chances are you have a drawer in your room dedicated to a plethora of K-Cups ranging from seasonal flavors (pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha) to all different types of roasts depending on your mood. Your coffee mugs are either gifted from a friend or adorned with your first initial.  With the simple press of a button, you have coffee at your own convenience.


You are a Starbucks fanatic. Although “We Proudly Brew Starbucks” doesn’t quite taste the same as the real thing, you take pride in ordering a grande instead of the common man’s medium. Chances are you are probably at LaCava to get a coffee to socialize, or you sprinted from Einstein’s after being informed that the coffee machine is down. Either way, coffee is a necessity in your life and you’re willing to spend big discresh on it. 

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