When Your Eyebrow Waxer Does You Dirty and What to Do

All of your thoughts and emotions post-horrible eyebrow wax and what to do until your beautiful brows grow back in! This just happened to me four days ago, so I am officially an expert. 

1. When he/she finishes waxing and shows you your new eyebrows and you have to refrain from violent actions and cursing.

2. You walk back to your car, look at yourself in the visor mirror, and try not to cry. It doesn’t go well.

3. You send your friends a Snapchat of your new cartoon brows, comma brows, or something equally horrible trying to make a joke of it, but you know you’re fragile af.

4. When you get home and show your mom your eyebrows and she covers her mouth with her hand in shock.

5. You climb in bed crying for the next hour, trying to distract yourself with Netflix or social media, but all you see are everyone’s fantastic eyebrows. Something you never quite noticed so acutely before…

6. When you grab your stuff and head to Ulta/Sephora for HELP from the brow experts themselves, and one of the employees looks at your brows and starts laughing at you. (This actually happened to me this weekend…)

7. The brow expert asks to see a pic of your previously glorious brows for how she should go about filling in your Cruella de Vil brows, and says “Wow, you had such beautiful, thick eyebrows.”

8. When they finish penciling in your eyebrows and you look in the mirror at your new, lesser brows and vow to never let anyone wax them again.

9. Your new brow hero shows you how to fill in your eyebrows to make them look normal until they grow in again, and you’re considering naming your first-born after her.

10. You start going around and shopping for other makeup you need. You know, since you’re already there. But then the woman who laughed at you has the audacity to come up and say your eyebrows look good while still laughing at you. (This also really happened to me!) So, you decide to cut your losses and get outta there.

11. When you go to pay for the new brow stuff you need at the cashier and it rings up to $100 for two brow pencils and a brow conditioner. (I got Benefit Cosmetics eyebrow pencils and their brow conditioner, and the products are great. Highly recommend if a cruel person butchers your brows.)

12. You look at your new, penciled in eyebrows and realize that everything will be okay because hair grows back. You’ve learned a very important lesson today: sometimes it is better to pay for a more expensive, more legit waxing than to pay three times as much in makeup to cover your mistake. Oh, and also having to look at your patchy, cartoon brows for the next 6-8 weeks.

13. You look back on it and realize how beautiful your brows were in their natural state and to never take their lovely thickness for granted again. Also, if a waxer ever leads you to his/her hair washing sink saying that is where they will wax your brows and to sit down and lean back, get the HECK out of there!!!

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