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What The Zodiac Signs Love about Christmas

Aries: The Ram (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Aries is one of the most festive signs. Despite the bravado, the Aries personality loves nothing more than spending time with their families. The holiday season gives them the break they need to wind down and recharge their batteries. On the other hand, this mighty bull may be pumping with energy, ready to get out there in the holiday action. Whether they are impatient to be the first to go ice skating or strolling through the Christmas light neighborhoods, they are game for anything holiday related.


Taurus: The Bull ( Apr 20 - May 20)

Taurus signs cannot help but love shiny new things, and on Christmas, there is an abundance of that. The thought of gorgeously wrapped gifts is what excites them the most. 


Gemini: The Twins (May 21 - Jun 20) 

Geminis make the most out of Christmas. Geminis love how Christmas has so many opportunities to get back in touch with their inner child and play around. To them, there is no need to be so severe!


Cancer: The Crab (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer looks forward to having all of their family in one place. This horoscope is very nurturing and finds pleasure in spending time with their loved ones. People born under this zodiac sign love to get their holiday shopping done before November ends because they care for the ones they love. 


Leo: The Lion (July 23 - Aug 22) 

What excites Leo the most about the holidays? Getting dolled up! Known as one of the most vain zodiac signs, Leo looks forward to the holiday parties so they can take as many selfies as possible and have a good dance. On the other hand, Leos are incredibly generous, warmhearted, and enthusiastic. Leo tends to love children; even if they do not have any of their own, you will find them spoiling their youngest relative at a holiday party with gifts. They quickly show love and affection to people, but they also need this generosity and appreciation in return.


Virgo: The Virgin (Aug 23 - Sep 22) 

The perfectionist Virgo has an eye for detail, which excites them to decorate for the holidays. They are a sign of cleanliness, hygiene, and good order. During the holidays, their OCD will kick in just to make sure their house is perfect. They love wrapping themselves in hanging ornaments on the tree, putting decorations around the house, hanging mistletoe over their heads, adding small decorations to the counter, or putting out holiday scented lotions and candles. For them, it is the little things.


Libra: The Scales (Sep 23 - Oct 22) 

Libras are the sign of harmony, balance, and beauty and enjoy the finer pleasures in life. They are hopeless romantics and find the Holiday season the most romantic time of the year. Libras are also very indecisive and may be contemplating which gifts to purchase for everyone, what decorations to put up, and what to wear to a Christmas party. So if you have a Libra in your life, make sure to help them through the decision making process. 


Scorpio: The Scorpion (Oct 23 - Nov 21) 

Scorpios are one of the most mysterious out of the zodiac signs. Getting to know a Scorpio may be a tough shell to break; however, when they have accepted you into their circle, you have a friend for life. Scorpios love taking care of their families, and since cooking is one of their biggest passions, you will find them preparing the main dish on Christmas. 


Sagittarius: The Archer (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

A Sagittarius looks for some wild shenanigans when the holidays come around. They are excited for so many events and Christmas adventures (such as Black Friday shopping)!


Capricorn: The Goat (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Since the Holiday season takes place during the Capricorn season, Capricorns hold Christmas dear to their hearts more than anyone else can understand. They are a human Christmas tree when this time of year comes around, and they are NOT sorry!


Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) 

Aquarians are a quirky and outgoing type of people who already have their New Year’s Resolutions out because they are always looking forward to the future.  Aquarians are also known as the rebels and the humanitarians of the zodiac, so they will most likely uniquely celebrate Christmas, either volunteering or lending a helping hand during the holidays. 


Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

The creative Pisces look forward to doing the traditional holiday favorites: watching Christmas movies 24/7, baking ornament shaped cookies, sipping on hot chocolates, and wrapping presents. All the dreamy Pisceans are thinking about is how downright amazing the Christmas songs genuinely are.

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