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What Your Go-To Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Flavor Says About You

If you’re anything like me or millions of other college students, you run on Dunkin’. Iced coffees are one of Dunkin’s most popular products, and they come with the option to add fun and delicious flavor swirls such as hazelnut or caramel. Dunkin’ will often even offer limited-edition flavors for different seasons and holidays such as pumpkin swirl for Fall and peppermint mocha and gingerbread swirls for Christmas and the holiday season. Some people like to try a different flavor each time they get Dunkin’, but others have a go-to flavor that they swear by. No matter what you get from Dunkin’, your all-time favorite iced coffee says something about yourself and your personality. 


1) You have to have the caramel swirl 

If your favorite iced coffee flavor is the caramel swirl, you’re definitely not alone. People who like caramel swirl are usually outgoing and social. You probably have a large friend group and are always out doing fun stuff with your friends. Caramel swirl lovers are spontaneous and energetic and never want to miss a party or social event. 


2) You absolutely adore French vanilla 

People who love the French vanilla are sophisticated, mature, and enjoy the finer things in life. You are probably either well-traveled or have lots of plans/hopes to travel in the future. French vanilla fans have great taste in music, art, movies, and more. They are cultured and well-informed, and it is a guarantee that they live their lives to the fullest. 


3) You go crazy for hazelnut 

Fans of hazelnut swirl are creative and artistic. You probably enjoy drawing, painting, sculpture, songwriting, poetry, or something else that serves as an outlet for your creativity. You are an out-of-the-box thinker who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and is always coming up with new ideas. People who like hazelnut are usually well-dressed and probably have gorgeous Instagram feeds. These individuals are passionate and love to take on new projects. They both draw inspiration from the world around them and serve as a source of inspiration for others with their originality.  


4) You always want more mocha 

If you get mocha swirl in your iced coffee every time you order, you are studious and intelligent. You may use Dunkin’ to get your caffeine fix so that you can complete all of your papers, presentations, and projects for school. It’s likely that you have a high GPA and are involved in a million clubs and extracurricular activities. You are always busy and on the go, and you own a fancy planner in which you write out all your daily tasks. Mocha lovers are highly motivated and have ambitious goals for the future. 


5) You can’t get enough of pumpkin 

If pumpkin swirl is your go-to flavor, you obviously love Fall and everything involving nature. You probably spend a ton of time outside. You’re generally a happy person and people perceive you as warm and kind. You are thoughtful and always on the lookout for a way to help the people around you. Family and community are very important to you. Pumpkin lovers may be involved in some type of community service. These people light up every room they enter and are always a pleasure to be around. 


6) Peppermint mocha is your go-to 

Peppermint mocha groupies love the holidays and are enthusiastic and energetic individuals. You’re probably the one in your friend group who’s always making the plans, and you love to push your besties to try new things. These people live very active lifestyles and can always be found at the gym in the middle of an intense workout. You bring your energy and enthusiasm into everything you do, and many of the people around you admire your limitless passion for life. 


7) Gingerbread is your absolute fav 

If you always find yourself ordering the gingerbread iced coffee, you’re a natural born leader and trend setter. People always look to you for advice and will copy what you do. You are ahead of your time and have the confidence to always think for yourself and express your beliefs. Gingerbread lovers are confident and strong and could very well be the future CEOs and politicians of our country. 


8) You only want plain iced coffee 

If you like your iced coffee without any special flavors, you’re classic and traditional. You are likely a very neat and clean person who likes things a certain way. You probably follow a strict schedule and like to plan out your day in advance. Plain iced coffee lovers enjoy lists, calendars, and organization of any kind. They probably have lots of special traditions that they enjoy with their family and friends.  



Disclaimer: this article is just for fun. Obviously, you could love a certain type of iced coffee, and my description does not apply to you. One of my descriptions may also apply to you even if you do not like that coffee flavor. This article only expresses my own imagination and personal associations with certain flavors. 

I am a junior at Bentley University studying Corporate Finance and Accounting. I am a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and campus correspondent for Bentley's chapter of HerCampus. I also work as an intern at an accounting firm! When I’m not writing articles for HerCampus, you can find me in line at Dunkin’.
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