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What It Was Like Staying at Bentley Over Spring Break

Question: What are you doing over spring break?

Answer: Going to Florida!

Question: What are you doing over spring break?

Answer: Going home to visit my family and see my dog again!

Question: What are you doing over spring break?

Answer: Hanging out with my friends in *name exotic location*!


Question: What are you doing over spring break?

My answer: Staying at Bentley (cringe)


While I definitely would have rather been somewhere else over spring break, preferably somewhere sunny and 75°, staying here at Bentley actually wasn’t too bad. It was kind of fun!


Amanda’s Spring Break:

  1. Campus was extremely peaceful. I went for a walk around campus over break, and it was really calm and beautiful. The Adamian observatory was unfortunately still locked…
  2. I slept for a really long time. 10-12 hours every night. That won’t happen again for a while.
  3. My RA and I baked cookies and watched the finale of the Bachelor. I was really lucky that my RA stayed, and we had a blast watching the season finale of the Bachelor together while eating the cookies we baked! Well, actually she was the one who baked them…I just helped eat them.
  4. It was quiet to do my homework. No loud parties down the hall. Nobody blasting “Havana” in the hallway. Complete silence.
  5. I sang in the shower. Mostly Taylor Swift. And nobody was around to complain about the fact that I can’t carry a tune in a bucket…
  6. I built a snowman, made a snow angel, and had a snowball fight. With the help of my RA and my one friend who stayed on campus, we managed to build a huge snowman in the middle of the green space. Then we threw snowballs at each other and made snow angels, and I was completely soaked and shivering by the time I came inside. It was about 11 pm, and the people driving the snowplows must have thought we were absolutely crazy…


I am a senior at Bentley University with a major in marketing. I plan to go to law school after finishing my undergrad.
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