What if there was a His Campus?

Okay, so we have a Her Campus. But what would it be like if there were a His Campus at Bentley?

Would the snapshots look like this?

“Welcome back to school guys! Let’s rage! (Too bad we don’t have houses like this though)”

What would the blogs be like?

“10 Tips for Scoring That Girl on the Treadmill in 30 Seconds”

“A Bro’s Guide to Bentley: Conquering the Ratio”

“Skip the Gym: Follow This Smith Stairs Workout Instead”


I can imagine they’d be about the same idea…


“The Evolution of Food at Seasons (the 921)”

“An Open Letter to the Very Few Women on Campus”

“15 Ways to Maximize Your Gains at the Gym”

Now, who wants to read those? I’m certainly curious! Who thinks we should have a “His Campus” week?