What to Do With Your Old Clothes

Is your closet overflowing?  Are you due for a closet cleanout?  Have so many clothes you just need to get rid of some?  Here are some options for what to do with your old clothes:


1. Give to friends and family

If you have some stylish pieces that you just wore too much, don’t fit, or is not your style anymore, a good way to get rid of old clothes is to offer them to your friends and family.  They can go through them and take what they want. This way, you know that your clothes will be given a good second life!

2. Donate!

This is a great one when you have a bunch of clothes that you just want to get rid of or want to give back.  There is always people in need of clothes and many towns have donation bins that you can easily drop of tons of clothes at once!  There are also many Non-Profit Organizations that will gladly take used clothes!

3. Upcycle

Find another use for your old clothes!  Create old t-shirts into rags, cut some jeans into stylish shorts, or paint your clothes to give it a new vibe!  This is a fun way to get creative with your wardrobe and give it a new life.    


4. Sell!

With this route, you have many options.  First, you could sell your clothes on an app such as Poshmark, where you ship your clothes to the buyer.  You could also try Facebook Marketplace, creating an Instagram to sell clothes, or any other selling apps.  One way I made some money on selling old clothes was by selling my gently used clothes to Plato’s closet, which is a consignment shop that buys gently used teen clothing from known brands.  Although they don’t pay that much, it is an easy way to make some cash and get rid of clothes at the same time. 

5. Clothing swap

Find a group of friends and have everyone bring some clothes that they want to get rid of.  Everyone could swap some items and leave with new ones! This is a great way to try out new styles and pieces that may be out of your comfort zones.

6. Host a garage sale!

Garage sales can be an effective solution to getting rid of a wide variety of items an individual does not want anymore.  To be even more successful, consider asking a few neighbors to host one as well, this way more people will likely come looking at your street!


7. Look into retailers’ policies 

Some stores offer discounts if you bring in your old clothes!  Madewell offers $20 off a new pair of jeans when you bring in jeans (any brand) to upcycle into housing insulation.  This is a great way to afford high quality jeans that will last in the future and help you limit your buying consumption.  


Some things to remember…

  • Always wash your clothes before giving them away

  • If you are trying to sell your clothes, take quality pictures

  • Don’t expect a lot of money, even if the clothes still have the tags on them

  • Be a responsible consumer!!! (Buy less, do your research, buy high quality items, repurpose old clothes, shop second hand, etc.)  

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