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As someone from Los Angeles, who goes to college in Boston, I frequent 5-6-hour flights. And honestly what I do on the flight depends on what I have going on, if there is WiFi, and if it is a redeye or not. But some of my go-to things to pass the time are… 


1. Computer Homework:

If you are in school and have work over spring break, and you do not need a whole table in the library to spread out your work…get it done on the flight. It will save you from having to do it when you reach your destination. Whether you are home or on vacation with your friends, you do not want to have to worry about the 5-page paper that is due when you get back.

2. Edit pictures:

If you love a good editing session of Instagram photos to post later, do it now. It does not take WiFi or data, and you will be ready to go when you feel like posting.

3. Organize your life:

Delete all the junk on your desktop. Delete emails your friends sent you in 8th grade. Delete contacts of people you do not know anymore. Delete old, blurry photos in your camera roll. Maybe even put your apps into folders. Clean up spaces and things that you interact with every day, like your desktop, but do not ever take the time to fix.

4. Plan:

If you know you are not going to have WiFi, print out the academic calendar for the rest of your school year and your syllabus. Then, put in all the dates and important info into your planner. You have the time right now to make it legible and maybe even color coded. You will thank yourself later.

5. Sleep:

As college students, we do not sleep. We are tired. Take advantage of the flight time and that you are not obligated to do anything else, and SLEEP. You deserve it.


These are things I do when flying back and forth and they have kept me from just playing candy crush the whole flight. Safe travels! 


First year student at Bentley, planning to major in Marketing with a minor in Health Studies. Moved from sunny Los Angeles to Boston! I love makeup, dogs, shopping, bullet journals, and organizing.
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