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What Do Bentley Guys Really Think?

As all of us Bentley collegiettes know, the fellas at our school tend to be a little different than most of the college guys we see around. They know more about the stock market than any twenty year old should, they are insanely competitive, (you’re gonna argue a call in coed intramural dodge ball, really?) and most important, they are not used to seeing large groups of females (Bentley ratio 60% male 40% female).

I have gathered some insider information from four real, typical, Bentley campus cuties, and asked them their opinions on five topics that us lady falcons may be wondering. They may not all think exactly alike, but they all still answer the question:

How would a girl know you are interested in her?
CONNOR: I would bombard her with compliments and look to spend more time with her.
JIMMY:A girl would know I am interested if I would sit next to them in class and try to spark up a conversation.  I usually smile and eventually ask to hang out on a weekend or something if I am interested.
GREG:I’d probably ask her to hang out on weekends and see what she’s up to.
EVAN:Facebook poking is usually my go-to.
What is the most attractive thing about a girl?
CONNOR: Personality, hands down.
JIMMY:I think a girl’s smile can tell you so much about their personality.  A bad smile is a deal-breaker for me.
GREG:Probably a sense of humor or smarts.  Good looks certainly help too.
EVAN:For me, that would definitely be her personality. Next would be eyes.
What do you think is a great gift for someone to give their boyfriend?
CONNOR: Tickets to a sports game or concert. Something that’s a little out of the ordinary and a lot of fun.
JIMMY:I think a great gift would be some concert tickets or a good meal at a nice restaurant, something that a guy likes and could do with his girlfriend. 
GREG:I think a good gift would probably be a good dinner or some nice clothes.
EVAN:Tickets to a concert or sports game are always great. Personally, I could use a new set of grilling utensils.
What’s too old to date a girl? Too young?
CONNOR: I’m kind of into cougars, so I would go as old as 45 or so. The youngest I would date is 18.
JIMMY:I think there should be a two year age difference for dating.  Anything more than that might make it awkward for dating and might make it hard to find similarities and connect.
GREG:As people get older, I don’t think the age difference matters too much.
EVAN:I would probably draw the line around 22, 23. I’m19, so 18 would be okay. I definitely couldn’t date someone younger than that.
Do you think long-distance relationships work? Do you think they’re worth it?
CONNOR: I’ve never had one, so I’m no expert on the subject, but it’s not something I would want to do. I think one of the most important parts of a relationship is spending time together.
JIMMY:As long as both the girl and the guy in the relationship want to take their relationship long-term, and both put in real effort, such a relationship could work.  As long as both the guy and the girl love each other and want to keep their relationship, it is always worth it. 
GREG:I’ve never been in one, but I honestly wouldn’t think they would work unless you put in a lot of effort.  In the long term it’s probably not worth it unless somebody moves.
EVAN:I think long-distance relationships are possible if the two people have a very strong relationship. That being said, if it’s out of driving distance I would not suggest it. College is a time to learn and grow, and if it’s meant to be, then it will be.
Do you have a problem that you need a guys advice on? Ask it below for the next time we ask Bentley guys what they really think!

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