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What is Alpha Kappa Psi?

Alpha Kappa Psi
is an international co-ed professional business fraternity that is the premier developer of principled business leaders. Alpha Kappa Psi seeks to develop business leaders from all backgrounds and with all interests by offering lifelong affiliation with a network of professionals.  Our purpose is to help the members of our community reach their full potential, both as business leaders and as individuals.  We do not simply want to create skillful businessmen and women; we genuinely want to help our community members become ethical, conscientious individuals who actively work to better their communities and the world at large.  Alpha Kappa Psi’s true purpose is to make our community the best that it can be.

Alpha Kappa Psi offers a holistic approach to professional development.  We offer our members the opportunity to improve not only professionally, but as people.  We seek to instill the principles of morality, conscientiousness, and unity in our members, which differentiates us from other organizations that focus exclusively on professional skills. We offer a vast number of professional development events, including networking events, events that provide members with hands-on experience, and speaking events that feature influential professionals. Alpha Kappa Psi’s events are determined by the desires and interests of the Bentley community, and as such, are open to the entire campus.  Every voice in our organization is heard – we are open to feedback from every aspect of our community, members or otherwise.  We offer everyone an opportunity to express their opinions and interests.

For more information and interest, please contact Simon Ly at Ly_Simo@Bentley.edu

*AKPsi is pending organization recognition with Bentley University


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