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During the summer months, it’s super important to stay hydrated. I find the easiest way to keep up with this is by getting a water bottle you really like and keeping it on you all the time to motivate yourself to drink water. But you can’t get just any water bottle – you deserve the best of the best! Here are my reviews of popular water bottle brands and their respective rankings.


You can’t go wrong with a Yeti. They are the most durable water bottles on the market with trademark handles meant for on-to-go use. Their innovative lids are guaranteed to be 100% leak-proof and offer multiple ways to sip. Finally, their coatings use DuraCoat technology to ensure that colors don’t chip, fade, or crack. Plus, their accessories like their coolers are known for keeping ice cold for days on end. You can’t beat that!


You’ve all heard of the Hydro Flask. This is today’s classic water bottle known for its TempShield insulation that keeps ice cold for 24 hours. They come in tons of sizes, colors, and with various lid options for many ways to sip and stay hydrated. However, their Color Last technology still leaves room for scratches and chips, they leak from time to time, and it’s not hard to dent your bottle.


Takeya is my personal favorite water bottle brand. With very similar styles to Hydro Flask, Takeya has a large color and size selection with an innovative leak-proof design. Their bottles are powder coated so they can’t slip out of sweaty hands, and they have an easy-to-carry handle. They guarantee no flavor transfer between drink swaps – whether you like to use your bottle for water, tea, Gatorade, or all three! Finally, they come with a removable rubber bumper to avoid sliding and dents. Takeya’s only downfall is that they’re not the best at keeping drinks cold, and you can expect your ice to be melted by the end of the day.


Corkcicle is definitely a strong competitor in the water bottle industry. With their sleek designs and fun colors and patterns, they are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they come with a rubber bottle to avoid bumps and spills. However, I’ve noticed that they aren’t the most insulated, and their tumbler lids leak a lot.


Coming in last is Swell. With an aesthetically pleasing design and plenty of fun patterns, their water bottles can easily please the eye. However, they have limited sizes and styles, their lids are difficult to put ice in, they’re easy to dent and chip, and they lack a carry-friendly handle.

What’s your favorite water bottle brand?

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