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The Ultimate Fall Semester Survival Kit

Fall is at its true peak here in New England, and so is the stress of the school year. Midterm after midterm, final exams approaching, internship and job applications to worry about- YIKES! Thankfully, the Her Campus Fall Survival Kit is here to save us all and provide us with some amazing products to get us through the rest of the semester.


Although school can be stressful (and is 99% of the time), there’s nothing to help you de-stress like getting yourself all dolled up for a night out with friends! The Buxom Cosmetics Big Tease Plumping Mascara is here for you. It doesn’t smudge or flake, and gives your lashes that insane volume we all crave!



What’s better for a night out than a nice, fall scented perfume?! The new Katy Perry INDI scent will be your new BFF and fall go-to. It’s a beautiful combination of eleven different musks from oriental plum, Italian bergamot, cedar wood, to a little bit of vanilla. Can’t get more fall than that!



Just when you think school is at its peak and your life is falling apart (not literally), Krazy Glue is here to help you hold it all together! The Krazy Glue singles are amazing for fall crafts or for fast and easy repairs. Krazy Glue can fix anything from wood, metal, glass, plastic, vinyl, to even ceramics!



Pumpkin Spice not spicy enough for you this Fall? Don’t worry, Frank’s RedHot is here to spice up your life even more! As the #1 brand of hot sauce in America, this sauce is perfect for just about anything!



Although your gorgeous summer tan is probably long gone by now (mine definitely is), the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk is here to bring back that beautiful glow! This product is simply amazing and will leave your skin looking even, tan, and streak-free, all while helping to hydrate and nourish your skin too!



As girls, I’m sure we’ve all struggled at some point with taking off makeup – especially that stubborn mascara that never comes off! Well ladies, those days are gone. Garner’s Micellar Cleansing Water All-In-1 Waterproof cleanser utilizes a bi-phase formula that removes even the most stubborn makeup! It also helps keep your pores clean and healthy. What more could a girl need this Fall?!


Speaking of what a girl needs, the HC Fall Survival Kit also has just the thing to make you ALWAYS feel safe, whether it be walking across campus at night or walking through the city! The Sabre Personal Alarm is just the thing for you. This product comes with a key ring attached, and is audible up to 600 feet away! You’ll always feel safe when carrying this!



Last but not least, I’m sure we’ve all had some kind of craving lately – salty or sweet. For me, I’m always wishing I brought a sweet granola bar or protein bar to class when I rush out the door without breakfast. The Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple Sea Salt Gōl bars are a great snack for any occasion! They’ll help satisfy any sweet craving you’re having, are high in protein and fiber, are gluten free, and have no added sugars!


As we keep moving forward in the semester with Thanksgiving break almost approaching, remember to power through and stay motivated! We’re more than halfway done with the semester, which means we’re halfway closer to Christmas break too! The Her Campus Fall Survival Kit will be your new best friend for the semester and will help you conquer just about any situation!


Images: courtesy of Her Campus at Bentley

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