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The Tuesday 10: Top 10 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix (And Why)

The Tuesday 10: Top 10 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix (And Why)

If it’s a Sunday-Wednesday night and you’re all done studying for the day, it’s likely you and your roommates will find yourselves tempted to go on an all-out binge. On Netflix. That said, and assuming you’re like every other collegiette in America and have already caught up on Pretty Little Liars, here’s what I’ve gathered from several Bentley students on what series you should be diving into next.

1. Scandal – Attention IDCC majors: Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) will become your hero. End of story. She’s an absolute PR powerhouse, and aside from (spoiler alert) having an affair with President, is who I want to grow up to be. In my opinion, this is an absolute can’t miss.

2. House of Cards – If you enjoy Scandal, you’ll love House of Cards. Kevin Spacey crushes his role as a politician out for revenge after being betrayed by the White House, with his equally as conniving wife who shares his same ambitions.

3. One Tree Hill – The birthplace of one of my favorite TV characters of all time – Brooke Davis. If you can’t get into the first season, just keep watching.  You will be more than hooked by seasons three, four and five.

4. Dexter – If you’re squeamish in the slightest or not a big “secret serial killer” fan, go ahead and skip this one. Otherwise, enjoy Dexter and have fun never trusting that handsome dad who lives in your neighborhood ever again.

5. Gossip Girl – I’m sure majority of the people who read this, with possibly the exception of my mom, will read the Gossip Girl listing and roll their eyes, thinking “As IF I wouldn’t watch a show with someone like Chuck Bass in it.” But for those of us who didn’t follow the glamorous Upper East Side drama when it aired, be prepared to get hooked quick, and engage in more than just a couple arguments with your roommates about why she should be “Team Serena” or “Team Blair”.

6. Friday Night Lights – Right after House of Cards, this is my next go to. Small town high school football drama? Sign me up!

7. Desperate Housewives – One of my personal all-time favorite shows, DH is like a combination between the best chick flicks, dramas, mystery and comedy sitcoms you’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s that good. Each season brings a new character that throws the residents of Wisteria Lane a curveball, and each season you’ll be shocked to see how it turns out.

8. Breaking Bad – Remember your high school chem teacher who really needed money so he started cooking meth? Yeah…me neither.

9. Mad Men – Marketing majors or just business (and Jon Hamm) fans in general will be glued to this 1960’s-set series. Learn a few things about the advertising industry that they probably don’t teach you in GB214…

10. American Horror Story – Set with a different theme but the same cast each season (Murder House, Asylum, Coven) AHS isn’t for the easily spooked, but if you can handle a little horror, it’s really well scripted and some of the characters are just downright nightmare inducing.












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