Top Tips For Being a Vegetarian at Bentley

Did you give up meat for lent or as your New Year’s resolution? Or are you looking to try something new? Being a vegetarian seems hard to many, especially when you have limited food choices already living on a college campus. Yet being a vegetarian is much easier than people may think. Here are some tips for being a vegetarian at Bentley.

Focus on breakfast (but be creative!)

Okay…let’s be honest, no one will ever admit to liking Seasons. Yet I do have to say I love hitting up "The 921" for a fulfilling and yummy breakfast. My personal favorite breakfast trick is to utilize all the many stations and make a delicious egg salad. I get all of the veggies from the omelet bar and put them on a plate, get two eggs from the grill to top the vegetables, and then I get fancy with the toppings. I drizzle on balsamic vinegar and top it off with some cheddar cheese before heading over to the pizza station. There I add some garlic and roasted red pepper flakes for taste. You know Seasons is going to be consistent with the breakfast, and as a vegetarian I like to get lots of protein in the morning! (Extra tip: if I have an avocado in my room, I make sure to stuff it in my bag and whip it out for Seasons breakfast.)

Don’t overlook anything from the salad bar

To give Seasons credit, they truly do make efforts to get creative. If you look carefully at the salad bar, there is a wide variety of chickpea and bean salads that are awesome sources of protein. I love adding these to my salads, along with hummus and the many other toppings. 

Invest in some sort of blender

Smoothies. Whenever you are feeling a lil’ hungry, a smoothie makes either a great snack or even a meal. My favorite type of smoothie includes frozen fruit, spinach or kale, almond milk, chia seeds and any other toppings I have around. Easy, quick, and portable and I love to top with almonds.

Don’t be afraid to look at everything Lacava has to offer

Lacava has tons of vegetarian options. Some of my favs are the brussel sprout and goat cheese salad, kale salad. Over by the pizza, there are often different quinoa and spinach salads you can get. A nice avocado roll is always a great meal option also!