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Top Girl Bands of the 90’s

With the winter weather behind us, Bentley University has sure caught the spring fever in the past few weeks.  With the warm weather, everyone begins to come out of hibernation and all we want to do is de-stress from schoolwork and blast some tunes to get into the spring sprit. While everyone loves to pump the dub-step and current hits, nothing can compare to the greatness of some classic girl bands that no true 90’s girl can resist. 

When you’re in need of some wicked great 90’s throwbacks, here is the list of the greatest girl bands that we grew up listening to!

Before Salt ‘N Pepa had their own chaotic reality show on VH1, they were one of the first female rap groups of the 90’s at a time when female rappers were relatively uncommon.  Not only did Salt N’ Pepa pave the way for other awesome 90’s hip-hop girl bands such as TLC and Destiny’s Child, but they TOTALLY brought in a whole new wave of 90’s style.  Bold and bright colors, denim on denim, AND parachute pants?  I mean hey, they were the 90’s fashion icons!



TLC burst onto the music scene right as the hip-hop genre began to gain immense popularity across the nation.  With their three members “T-Boz”, “Left Eye”, and “Chilli” they gave us girl power anthems that are still blasted today throughout dorm rooms and car radios.  With their feisty attitude and dramatic personal lives to match, TLC was the power band of the 90’s.



There are always those bands where we wonder why they dropped off the face of the earth, B*witched is one of them.  Every girl raised in the 90’s was obsessed with them, they had the Irish accents, could rock denim jackets like no one else, and even taught us foreign languages (C’est la vie DUH).  If anyone knows what happened to this band and where they are now, I NEED to know this information so I can begin the campaign right now for their reunion tour.


Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child.  Enough said, this was the definition of power groups that came out of the 90’s.  While they may not have really achieved fame until the early 2000’s, they proved the entertainment industry that they were not a band to be messed around with.  With their color-coordinated matching outfits, excessive Grammy wins, and having probably the best stage presence of any band, no wonder Destiny’s Child has had multiple reunions!



PLEASE RESTRAIN ME FROM FREAKING OUT.  This is not the best girl band from the 90’s… This is actually the best band of all time.  Any girl born in the 90’s can definitely say that their first precious cassette tape was of the Spice Girls.  Also, the merchandise that their managers pumped out into the store shelves was genius.  Spice Girls books, dolls, stickers, and even being ambitious enough to make a Spice Girls movie with literally no plot line? No 90’s girls cared, we needed it all, every single piece of Spice Girls swag was 100% necessary for our survival.

What's your favorite girl band? Tell us in the comment space below!

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