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Tips for Hosting a Great Super Bowl Party!

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and with the Patriots playing this year there are going to be parties happening all over Bentley’s campus. Make yours one of the best with some of these helpful tips and recipes!

1. Make sure your TV is big enough!

Since actually watching the game is your #1 priority, you need to make sure that the TV is big enough for everyone to watch comfortably. Sometimes using two TVs is the best solution!

2. Set up seating beforehand!

It’s important to have some seating prepared before people come over so that they aren’t awkwardly standing around the TV. If seating is tight, setting up an area on the floor works as well!

3. Make sure there is a lot of food!

Food is definitely a must when it comes to the Super Bowl. If you have a kitchen in your dorm or apartment, here are some delicious recipes that you should definitely give a try!

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Check out the recipe for these killer nachos here!

Seven Layer Dip Cups

Whether you want to make this in one big batch or in cute individual portions, this dip is a classic that is always a hit at Super Bowl parties. Find the recipe here!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries

This mountain of fries will be sure to please everyone at your party! Check out the video demonstrating how to make these fries here.

Peanut Butter Touchdown Dip

Can’t forget about dessert! This Peanut Butter Touchdown Dip is a fun and festive addition to your Super Bowl menu. Check out the how-to video here!

4. Drinks!

Alcohol can be a fun addition to any Super Bowl party (if you are 21 and older)! Since most of us are broke college students, it would definitely be smart to make the party BYOB to cut down on costs. However, here is one cost-effective way to mix up the drinks at your party!

Blue Moon Orange Jell-O Shots

Click here for the recipe!

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