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Throwback to the Coolest Phones in Middle School

Middle school was an awkward time for most of us. Everyone was still growing into themselves and trying to impress all the other kids at school – we all wanted to seem cool and grown up and independent. The best way for us to showcase our “coolness” was by having some of the most cutting edge cell phones of that time. Though these phones may seem a bit outdated, this list will surely take you back to your middle school hallways of 2007.   

Motorola Razr

Probably the most memorable cell phone from those middles school days. It was hard to walk through the hallway without seeing someone flaunting their Razr. It was the only flip phone that was still considered socially acceptable at this time because of how cool and sleek it was; and don’t even get me started about how awesome the pink ones were. However, all good things come to an end, as the smartphone and touchscreen revolution began the Razr never really stood a chance. It will always have a special place in our hearts though!


The Sidekick was also another fan favorite. Its crazy design and fun colors were like nothing our tween eyes had ever seen before! Let’s not forget that the Sidekick was that much cooler just because celebrities like Paris Hilton (who was definitely in her prime in the 2000s) showcased it in every music video and event she was at. Also, added cool points to those who had their Sidekicks bedazzled.   

LG Chocolate

LG’s Chocolate was a compact phone that would slide up to reveal a hidden keypad, making it pretty high in the middle school phone ranking. The coolest part about it was that it came in chocolate themed colors like white, dark, strawberry, mint, and cherry. It was also advanced for its time as it could also be used as an MP3 player, which was pretty fancy for a seventh grader.

Blackberry Curve

And of course how can we talk about middle school phones without talking about the original Blackberry Curve. This phone was really at its prime towards the end of middle school and the trend continued on into high school. Though now there is not much buzz about Blackberry, it was quite the competitor to Apple back in the day. There was just something really cool about the fact that each letter had its own button and that you could play brick breaker whenever you’d like. I know we all miss the sounds of PINGs, the convenience of BlackBerry Messenger and the fun BBM emoticons pictured above!


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