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Thoughts We’ve All Had During The 2016 Presidential Election

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Well, it’s 2016. The year of the presidential election. So far, it’s been a year of divisiveness and political turmoil. After a whirlwind of scandal and conflict in the primaries, we’ve narrowed it down to two nominees: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While we might not yet know who will come out on top, we do know how the past few months of political craziness have made us all feel. Here are the thoughts that we’ve all had during the 2016 presidential election, as told by Leslie Knope.

-When someone asks you how you feel about the election

-Realizing that one of these two candidates is actually going to become president of the United States

-What you envision America will be like come 2017

-And you desperately look for support every time you think about the future

-When you decide to post/Tweet/talk about the election and immediately regret it after people start responding

-Getting ready to watch– no, COPE– with each presidential debate the best way that you know how (if you’re 21+, of course)

-When you don’t understand how the candidates are able to talk for 20 minutes straight without actually answering the question they were asked

-And it seems like all you hear is something along the lines of

-Wishing the moderator would step in, and, you know, MODERATE (and thinking that you could do a better job)

-When you can only imagine that this is what Trump’s advisors told him about the debates

-Your thoughts when Donald Trump claims that he respects you…

-And any time that he brings up “locker room talk”

-But regardless of whether or not you support him, you know why he’s made it this far

-When you still can’t understand what goes through Hillary’s mind when choosing an outfit, and you imagine that it has to be something like this

-You aren’t quiet satisfied on her responses to Benghazi/the email scandal/the DNC Bernie Sanders debacle

-And you aren’t sure if you 100% trust her

-You imagine that when she’s “listening” to Trump, she’s really thinking

-But whether or not you respect her, there’s no question that she takes a lot of punches 

-Really, you just worry that both candidates think they can get away with anything

-And every time they accuse each other of being dishonest, you sit back and say…

-When you get into an argument with your friends over the election and things get heated

-And someone asks you who Gary Johnson is

-You really wish that you could personally put an end to this nonsense

-But just when you lose hope, Karl Becker comes in and restores your faith in humanity

-You just want to relax and forget that all of this is happening

-And you can’t help but think…

-But in the end, you know that Americans are strong enough to survive anything that’s thrown at them

-And there’s still no place you’d rather live than the good old U.S. of A– where we are given the freedom to choose whichever buffoons we want to run for president

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