Thoughts We May Have During this Season of “The Bachelor”

With Season 22 of The Bachelor already upon us, here are some thoughts we're all bound to have while indulging in our favorite show...


How old is this guy again?

Why is it light out after every rose ceremony? They film this thing all night???

Why do they always hold up the rose even if they’re sending someone home?

What happens if someone farts during one of these dates?

How long do these 1-on-1 dates actually last…?

How many of these girls have had boob jobs?

Still wondering how Chelsea got the first impression rose…

Will I ever go on one date as special as any of these?

How many people have cried in this episode?

Is it acceptable to go on this show exclusively to travel the world…?

Do they ever actually eat the food on these dates?

Anyone else missing Corinne right now?


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