Things to Do When You're Sick

It’s definitely the time of year again where everyone is starting to get sick. From stomach viruses to the flu to the common cold, being sick is no fun. While you’re resting and drinking lots of fluids, here are some ideas of things to do (once you have the energy, of course).


1. Take a bath; light some candles, get some bath oils, and allow yourself to relax. I find this particularly helpful when I have a fever.

2. Do some online shopping: you have plenty of time to search on Instagram for cute boutiques, and bargain hunt online!

3. Get ahead on birthday gifts: Have any friends or family with birthdays a month or so away? Start browsing online and compile a list of ideas for them.

4. Paint your nails: You have lots of time to sit around and let them dry, so try out a new color!

5. Make your own smoothies and acai bowls: there are lots of yummy recipes online to make these at home.

6. Have your own movie marathon: one suggestion is to go through the Harry Potter movies to take your mind off of your illness.

7. Write for Her Campus! We love receiving all types of articles ☺

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