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Things to Do if You’re Not Going Anywhere for Spring Break

Just because you’re not going anywhere glamorous for spring break doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Sometimes relaxing at home can be just the refresher you need to finish the semester strong. So, if you’re staying at home or at school over Spring Break, here are some ideas to occupy your time! 


1. Take lots of naps

This goes without saying, but it has to be said! Catching up on sleep is always a good way to recalibrate and get back all of the sleep you lost during the semester. 


2. Read a book 

I often get caught up in the stress of the semester, and that book sitting on my nightstand starts to collect dust. Take this free time to catch up on leisurely reading or listen to an audiobook that interests you. 


3. Paint or doodle

Painting is always something that is hard to bring to school, but it’s a good way to tune out and get creative! There are always paint by number or mandala books for the less artistically inclined (like myself). 


4. Just drive around 

Living in a small town with not a lot going on, getting a couple of friends together and taking random turns until you end up somewhere completely new can be a fun afternoon. It’s a great way to catch up with old friends while also going on an adventure. 


5. Return to something you’ve abandoned

We often get swept up in our everyday lives and lose touch with hobbies we have acquired in the past. Restart your abandoned hobby, then carry it back with you to school, whether it’s meditating or establishing a workout routine. 


6. Bake something 

From scratch or from a box, create a sweet treat to snack on while watching a movie. School doesn’t necessarily alot time for leisurely baking or cooking, especially if you don’t have a kitchen to do it in. 


7. Find a Botanical Garden 

If you’re stuck in New England or somewhere else cold over break, finding a botanical garden can fill your craving for warm weather and being surrounded by greenery. Hello dopamine!


8. Have lunch with your parents or family members

They do a lot for us, and they deserve some attention when we are home! Even if it’s not lunch, just watching a movie or spending some quality time with family you haven’t seen for a while is good for everyone involved. 


9. Treat yo’ self!

Go shopping with a friend, have a spa day, or just do something simple like paint your nails. Vacation is a great time for some much needed self-care, so buy a face mask, and relax!


10. Work out

If the weather is nice, try to go for a walk or run to get those endorphins flowing. If it’s too cold, find a gym and hop on a bike for a low-key workout. 


11. Take a bubble bath

If it’s still chilly out, lighting some candles and drawing a hot bubble bath can warm your body and soul and can help you sleep like a baby!


12. Rearrange your room

Room design can feel stale after a while, so give your room at home or at school the freshening up it needs! It will help you feel fresh and clear headed, and give you something productive to do.  


13. Go to the movies

There’s nothing like movie popcorn. If there aren’t any good movies, grab a friend and pick the most cringe-worthy movie to see. 


14. Make a vision board 

Motivation can be hard to keep rolling, so make a vision board to regain that motivation you had at the beginning of the semester. 


15. Get a haircut 

Short hair and spring go hand in hand. Get a fresh new cut to complement the warmer weather. 


16. Play with your pet

If you are home and you missed your furry/scaly/feathered friend, spend some time playing with them! If you don’t have an animal or you’re staying at school, visit a pet store and take in the cuteness.  


17. Go stargazing

If it’s not too chilly, go outside at night and take in the beauty of the night sky. If it’s too cold, get in a car with a sun roof, sit back and enjoy the vastness of our night sky. 


18. Go ice skating

Whether it’s an open skate at a nearby rink, or at the Bentley arena, skating is fun and good exercise, even if you don’t know how! If it’s cold enough, find a frozen lake or pond to skate on. 


19. Find some live music or an art show

It’s always good to support local artists, and it’s a great way to spend the evening. Find an artist of your liking, get dinner, and make a night of it. 


20. Update your resume and LinkedIn 

Just because school stops doesn’t mean that life does. Taking some time to perfect your professional appearance can reduce stress if you’re looking or applying to summer jobs or internships.


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