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The Zodiac Signs as Valentine’s Day Candy

If you’re anything like me, you love two things – Valentine’s Day and astrology. One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is getting to eat candy and chocolates that aren’t usually around the rest of the year. Everyone has their personal preference on the best candy to give or receive on Valentine’s Day, but here is my take on what candy you should treat yourself to based on your zodiac sign (self-care – don’t wait for someone else to buy it for you)!

Sagittarius: Reese’s peanut butter cup hearts

Capricorn: conversation hearts

Aquarius: gummy hearts

Aries: salted dark chocolate bar

Libra: Valentine’s M&Ms

Scorpio: chocolate hearts

Virgo: chocolate covered strawberries

Taurus: chocolate roses

Pisces: caramel-filled chocolate bar

Gemini: Whitman’s chocolate sampler

Leo: Fun Dip (throwback to elementary school!!)

Cancer: classic heart-shaped box of chocolates

I am a junior at Bentley University studying Corporate Finance and Accounting. I am a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and campus correspondent for Bentley's chapter of HerCampus. I also work as an intern at an accounting firm! When I’m not writing articles for HerCampus, you can find me in line at Dunkin’.
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