Sydney MacLeod '18

Meet Sydney MacLeod: a fun-loving, quirky girl who is currently a sophomore majoring in IDCC with an LSM in Global Perspectives and a minor in Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability. A member of the Bentley Women’s Field Hockey team and sophomore class president, this girl is a spunky student who is lookin’ for friends. Read about her and connect with her via LinkedIn.

HC: Favorite movie?

SM: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


HC: Favorite artist/band?

SM: Jack Johnson and Kanye, preferably not together, but if that’s the way it has be, I’ll roll with it.


HC: Do you have any secret talents?

SM: I’m able to smooth talk my way into getting free guac at Currito.


HC: What’s the Sydney MacLeod starter pack?

SM: A broken phone, black coffee, and birkenstocks.


HC: What is your daily battle?

SM: I lose or break my headphones every single day.


HC: Strangest thing you’ve done at Bentley so far?

SM: Swam in the Bentley pond.


HC: What would you choose as your last meal?

SM: All the things.


HC: Best thing that’s happened to you all week?

SM: Camille cleared my plate for me at Seasons.


HC: What’s the most money you’ve ever drunkenly spent at Late Night?

SM: Once I won $250 in discretionary, and I bought 15 people in the line late night but do not remember what the grand total was.


HC: How long after you feel full do you keep eating for?

SM: The limit does not exist.


HC: If you were on the show “My Strange Addictions” what would it be for?

SM: Eating hot chocolate powder.


HC: What has been the peak of your year?

SM: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


HC: What do your roommates hate you most for?

SM: You will never see me hanging the bath mat up.


HC: Fun fact?

SM: My parents almost named me Ruby; things could have gone horribly wrong from the moment of conception.


HC: Relationship status?

SM: My grandma asked me that yesterday too, go talk to her about it.