Struggles of Relying on the Bentley Shuttle

The Bentley shuttle is a great—it is really nice having a convenient, easy, and acceptable way to get into Harvard Square; the bus stop is also super close to the T-station, which is definitely an added bonus. This, of course, doesn’t come without some noticeable frustrations that accompany reliance on the shuttle—so for those of you who know this struggle all too well, we can relate.


When the shuttle is late

When you’re waiting at the lower campus stop, and the shuttle drives by without stopping

When the shuttle schedule is going in steady half hour increments but then suddenly jumps to an hour and a half gap

When there is no one at the Star Market stop, but the shuttle stops and waits for 15 minutes without anyone coming

When you are carrying a drink/food but can’t bring it on the shuttle

When you have to stand because there are no seats

When you are heading back to Bentley and the shuttle doesn’t drop you off at lower

When you’re waiting outside for half an hour and the shuttle just never shows up

But ultimately, despite these frustrations, knowing that we still love and appreciate the Bentley shuttle



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