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Struggles of Being a College Girl: How to Know if a Guy Likes You

It’s always hard to tell what someone is thinking. There can be hidden meanings in almost anything someone does and sometimes it’s just hard to tell if someone likes you. Here are a few things guys do that might indicate that they are interested in you!


He follows you on social media

  • Instagram:

1. He likes your pics

Instagram is a great way to see what someone is up to. When you post a picture you are always waiting to see if that special someone likes it, let’s be honest. So when he finally does, it registers that not only did he see the picture but he took the time to double tap! Liking a picture is a small step but can lead to a bigger one like commenting on a pic!


​2. He comments on your pics

If he comments on the pic then that is just another great indicator that he really likes you and is willing to engage with you and show others that he is interested.  


  • Snapchat

1. He snaps you first

Snapchat is a great way to communicate with someone in a fun and casual way. If he snaps you first this shows that he wants to see you and talk to you and is thinking about you. Most of the time this can lead to snap conversations that will help build the beginning of a relationship in the modern age.


​2. He starts a streak

I don’t know about you but I take snapchat streaks very seriously. So if he started a snapchat streak (and doesn’t kill it) it basically gives him a reason to talk to you everyday. If you are interested in more snapchat tips check out my other article: https://www.hercampus.com/school/bentley/struggles-being-college-girl-snapchat-style



He finds an excuse to talk to you

When it’s obvious there is nothing to talk about and he starts talking, he wanted to talk. Sometimes, he will even start the conversation. But other times, if you want to show him that you like him, don’t be hesitant to start the conversation yourself.



He asks you questions

This one is BIG! When he asks you questions it means that he is interested in you and your life. He wants to know more. Whether this be in person or through text him taking the time to learn more about you is a definite sign that he wants to explore where your relationship can go.



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