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The Struggle of Being an Early Bird at Bentley

I wake up in a panic—is that really the time? In complete shock, I rush to the bathroom claim the good shower and go about my morning routine. When I return to my room, the sun has fully risen, meaning it is just about 6:30. I hastily throw on leggings and a pullover, anxious to start my Sunday morning. 6:45 rolls around and I am fully ready, hair done, bag packed, headphones in, with the desired playlist on shuffle.


There is one problem to all this: it’s nearly 7 AM and I attend Bentley University—not exactly a campus designed for the early bird.

Hungry? Well, think again, unless you’re willing to settle for a substandard breakfast of a Cliff Bar or some oatmeal. Seasons won’t be open until 9—and don’t even think about Einstein’s, because you’ll be waiting until noon. The Nest opens in an hour, but are you really that hungry enough to walk to lower and back? An off-campus breakfast might just be the answer. But, oh wait, the first shuttle won’t be arriving until 12:30 PM. The only answer now is to Uber to Harvard Square and hope that the next twenty-five-minute ride won’t be filled with awkward silence. So begins the trek out there to grab some avocado toast and coffee, get some work done, and take the trip back—all in time for the library to open its doors.

The early bird is not getting the worm on this campus. The well-rested Falcon gets the…I’m not so sure, but maybe it’s a well-cooked omlette from Miguel at Seasons. On a campus filled with people complaining about their 8 AM classes, I can’t help but want to remark on how I enjoy getting my day started early. I am an anomaly: a girl who just wants a bagel before lunch time.




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