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Stephanie’s Pinterest Picks of the Week

Hi all! I’m Stephanie, a Bentley junior and I am obsessed with Pinterest. Because of my 2,100+ pins, 7 boards, and general Pinterest devotion, I wanted to create a photo-blog where I could document my favorite pins, the pins I have tried (and maybe failed) and the hilarious pins that make me laugh out loud in the quiet section of the library. Please feel free to comment with a pin that you have loved or one you would like me to try!

1. Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn from Chef in Training is one of our favorite treats to make in our apartment! We all love the combination of sweet, salty, sticky and crunchy clusters. There is always a bag of marshmallows on hand to make this for guests or for movie night (but we leave out the corn syrup)!


2. I cannot stop listening to this video! These girls are incredible and I am beyond impressed that at just 12 and 8, Lennon and Maisy have such mature voices. Although there are not many more videos on their YouTube Channel, I keep checking back for updates. I can’t wait for more!


3. This pin comes from The Small Things Blog. The author, Kate, is a hair guru and has helped me understand my curling iron and make my shoulder-length hair cooperate with adorable hairstyles. However, she doesn’t just share hair tutorials. She tried out these three nail products and found a way to get Shellac-esque nails at home without paying salon prices. Thanks, Kate!


4. Okay, I’ll admit it: I am addicted to my Crockpot. Because my roommates and I moved into an apartment this year, I needed to find ways to cook for myself without obsessing every night. Enter, my Crockpot.

This small appliance has saved me so much time and has already paid for itself. The best part? It didn’t even come close to breaking the bank! I paid only $12 for it at Target!

Last Sunday I tried this chicken taco recipe from Chocolate Therapy. At 1:00pm I added the ingredients to my Crockpot and by 5:30pm I had dinner for that night and 5 more nights. My roommates could not stop talking about how great the room smelled. I did add the Stephanie Twist to the recipe and decided to pair it with quinoa instead of tortillas because of my wheat allergy. I am already wishing for dinner time!


5. And for the daily dose of Pinterest humor, Buzzfeed has brought us “Scared Bros at a Haunted House.” These pics were taken with a hidden camera in Nightmares Fear Factory, a haunted house in Niagara Falls, Canada. My favorite shot? The poor fool who went in to the house alone.

Check back next week for my newest Pinspirations!


I am a Bentley University senior majoring in Marketing with a LSM in Media, Arts and Society. I make gluten-free goodies all too frequently and my favorite place in the world is the top of a mountain with my skiis on. I have an addiction to chocolate, Alice in Wonderland and laughing with my roommates. 
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